100% Recycled Plastic Tote Bags

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Plastic bags are one of the most-maligned products on the planet. Banned in a few cities, such as Mumbai, India, in others they are subject to taxes in an effort to eliminate their use. And yet, they remain in existence, and in great numbers.

We can limit our use of plastic but we can't eliminate it's use completely which is why we have to keep looking at ways to recycle it. Our recycling efforts have improved through the years and have come to include different kinds of plastic but when we see pictures of tons of plastic bottles, our most commonly recycled item, at garbage dumps we know we need to do more.

While these efforts are providing the materials for many new and different recycled products not enough of us are either aware of the choices available or are choosing to buy recycled.

A good place to start is by buying recycled plastic products.

Please note it takes about 17 bottles to make a Recycled Plastic Tote Bag

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