POUI’s Recycling Process

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When the plastic bottles have been collected they will be manually washed to remove any excess sediment before being placed into the recycling machine. This guarantees the highest quality product that can be produced. The next stage is to load the bottles into the machine where it is crushed to reveal all surfaces of the plastic bottles, scrubbed to remove additional contaminants and glue that hold the label and agitated to thoroughly separate any other types of plastic from the mixture.

PET plastic sinks while any other plastic in the tank will float allowing for an easy means of identification. At this point labels, bottle covers and other unwanted material will be removed and discarded. This makes certain that foreign particles are removed from the final product. When agitation is completed the contents then moves on to a 3-phase rinsing cycle. After being rinsed the contents are now centrifuged for hydro extraction then thermally dried. This process ensures the cleanest and purest recycled plastic flakes available. The flakes are removed and allowed to cool then packaged for sale and export. The final PET flakes are approximately 10mm in diameter. POUI will be capable of producing 1000 kg/h of recycled plastic flakes.