Education and Awareness

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The Environmental Awareness and Education Plan which will evolve into a campaign is hoped to be launched in the coming months. We hope to have the full support of all non-governmental organizations, educational and training institutions, professional and corporate organizations, energy sector and community organizations. We intend to work with these bodies singularly or in partnership with other organizations, to organize programmes for creating environmental awareness followed by field action at their respective regional locations culminating at the national level.

Target Groups

POUI has decided to be successful in this campaign we will need to target certain groups to maximize and effectively deliver on our intentions. Our major target audiences are:

  • Students/ Youth/ Teachers/ Women in the home
  • NGOs/ Voluntary Workers
  • General Public
  • Defense Force Personal / Police Service
  • Industrial Workers/Energy Sector
  • Government Employees and Organizations
  • Corporate Employees
  • Environmentalists