POUI’s Objective and Goals

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POUI is determined to do whatever we can to assist in the global fight to conserve our strained and steadily decreasing natural resources that are used to manufacture single use products.

The main objective of POUI is to collect all plastic waste from around the country by two methods, municipally contracted crews doing walkabout collection, and also sourcing the large volume at the landfills collected by the Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL). This waste will be recycled and regenerated into a new product for re-use by bottlers and the public by extension.

POUI’s primary goal is to produce the highest quality recycled PET flakes that can be manufactured by the technology that is available presently. We expect our product to be used by companies locally, regionally and internationally. We intend to supply this high demand industry with the best product that can be found. Not only do we intend to have a superior product but we pledge to be efficient and highly reliable to our customers. POUI is approaching this market with a difference, we are not simply looking for sales but we hope to build relationships with each and every one of our customers and to appreciate the symbiotic relations between ourselves.